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EVS-Kazan 2014

It's going to be my first note in English. Event in Kazan woke me up after a month of sleeping. I was doing something that i didn't need but i did it just to forget about all kind of problems and not to decide anything. I find it kind of useful but only for a while. For me ex-evs meeting was just on time. Enough sleep to feel well and not too much to miss important things.

I came home from my EVS in the beginning of august and i got married 2 weeks later. So you can imagine that i had a lot to do. After the wedding I had one week for the rest with my husband and then he left me in Russia alone (he is studying in USA). First two days i was staying alone at home doing nothing and i was happy, then i realized that i'm not able to decide what to do and i'm not able to understand what i want to do. I saw that staying home doesn't bring me anything nice and it means that i have to find something that will bring it. The easiest decision was finding a job. I started working as a waitress and forgot about everything. I was doing it because i thought that it will bring me some money and nice experience.

After a month i have earned something like 200 euro. I looked back and saw the lost month, it was gone and i didn't earn money (everything that i got i spent for food and bars) i didn't got a lot of experience (yes, i've learned how to make cool coffee and now i'm a little bit proud of it, but it's not a lot, you know...) and i have almost lost my contacts with friends because i didn't have enough time for them (my work-free time i wanted to stay home and lay in my bed, that's it). And even after i realized this things i couldn't make decision to quit because i was afraid to stay without any goal without friends and with a lot of time for being depressed.

EVS event in Kazan opened my eyes. I have met so many different people with different life experience. I was so excited to hear their stories about being back home and their plans for future. They motivated me to move myself from this dead point. I found out a lot of thing that i want to do and that i could do during this lost month but i didn't. And i wanna share this things with you because i hope some of you will support me and if i will keep my plans in secret it is easier to avoid making steps to reach the goal.

First of all i decided to share my thoughts here in my blog.
The second thing is my plan of promoting evs in Russia. I'm not sure if i have enough time to do it in Kirov now because i'm going to states in some weeks, but i will definitely do it when i come back in January.
The third thing is doing something for my development. I don't want to stay on my spot i wanna move! For now my movement is going to be in math. I have to prepare myself for continuing university classes and i love math so it's going to be useful and for pleasure. One more thing is my wish to cook, i want to learn new recipes, i want to discover the world of cooking and improve my skills. There are a lot of other things that i want to do but i cannot remember everything now.
And one more thing is finishing my old plans. I have soooo much to do and i can do it even now but i'm so lazy. I want to have the feeling of being free from old staff.

If you want to help me with something  you are always welcome! If you need my help, you are welcome too! I'm open to everything new and i will be glad to hear from you!
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